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getting let go

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I’ve been laid off or "let go" 3 times in my career.

The 1st time at 22, I was in shock thinking I was invincible.

The 2nd time at 28, I saw it coming with the recession.

In both cases, my company couldn’t afford to pay me.

The 3rd time at 35, it felt unfair and somewhat political.

Regardless of the HOW or WHY, all 3 times went to my head, my psyche - rattling my confidence and self-worth.

When we lose a job, we're often told: "it’s not personal, it's just business." It IS personal. We are personally impacted both financially and emotionally.While there are many unknowns right now, I know two things are true.

You are talented. You are needed.

I’d love to support those impacted at work, in their search for a new role. We can chat transferrable skills, resume updates, job search tips and/or interview prep.

With my own business as a career coach, I'm offering free video chats to answer questions, provide guidance, but most importantly, rebuild confidence for the next chapter.

We don’t know when this uncertainty will end. But that’s the thing about endings. It arrives and then there’s a new beginning.

With love,


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