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how to ask for a recommendation

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

The truth. It's hard for many of us to ask for help, especially when it feels personal.

Which is why most of us dread asking for references or recommendations on LinkedIn.

Do we feel needy? Unworthy?

Are we worried about creating "more work" for others?

It doesn't need to be as painful as it seems.

Posted below in the comments is a draft note you can use to reach out to your network - reconnect, offer support, and ask for it.

There's beautiful synergy in giving and receiving.

There may not be a reply to every email.

Yes, people are busy.

Life is overwhelming at the moment.

But, people are also connecting more than ever.

I guarantee you'll feel great complimenting someone you admire, and I'd be willing to bet, the feeling will be mutual.


If we've worked together in a small or big way, it would be my honor to sing your praises. Send me a message, and I'll draft a LinkedIn recommendation for your review.

Yes, you can ask to mention something specific in a recommendation. It's your brand, let's curate it.


Hi _______,  

I can’t believe it’s been [LENGTH OF TIME] since we worked together. Those were some great times. I miss them.  I’m reaching out to people I’ve lost touch with to reconnect.

How have you been? Are you holding up ok? Things are heavy right now, and I wanted to remind you how talented you are. [ADD PERSONAL NOTES - IF YOU LIKE]

I want to write a LinkedIn recommendation for you. Is there anything specific you’d like me to touch on?  It’s tough asking for these things, but I’m committed to supporting my network.  I am excited to hear how you are.



PS. If you have time and would be open to writing a recommendation for me, I’d be deeply grateful. 


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