what do you want?

It's a simple question, yet often hard to answer. Because we rarely stop to ask ourselves.

Yet, this is THE question. What do you want for yourself, for your career, for your life?

This is where we begin. And we can start with what you don't want. That is just as important. ​

This is your path toward clarity—a program designed to leave you feeling powerful and in control of your future.

My mission is to shift the stress of changing careers or looking for a new job by digging into these 6 areas:



We'll explore fears, frustrations, and potential blind spots. Then we'll dive into your superpowers and your blockers.



We'll look at how connected you are to your intuition, your values, and your priorities. These will lead the way.



We'll discuss ways to optimize your materials, your personal brand.
This is how we get noticed.



We'll touch on application strategies, tools, and templates for outreach, proven to generate more responses.



We'll review interview prep, your elevator pitch, what questions to ask, and how to prepare for the tough questions.



We'll talk about salary research, thoughtful ways to ask for more money, and other things to negotiate.

Curious to learn more? You can book a free 15 min clarity call from the button below. I can't wait to connect. 

Prior to chatting, here are my commitments to you... This is about you, your vision, and your well-being. This is not about me or pushing a service. I promise to tell you the truth, even if it's hard to hear. And, I'll always be in your corner, your biggest champion + cheerleader. 


how can i support you?

Standout ATS-Friendly Resume

LinkedIn Audit + Recommendations

Master Cover Letter Template

Job Search Strategy Support

Application Hacks + Best Practices

Email Templates for Outreach

Interview Preparation + Practice

Salary Negotiation + Practice


One of Kelly's motto's is to only say yes to the Hell Yes. Kelly's career canvas program is undoubtedly one of those "Hell Yes" moments. Kelly's approach is based on proven techniques that she customizes for each person and group - making sure that you're prepared, confident and supported. It's thanks to Kelly that I was offered a job within days of leaving my previous role. I highly recommend the Career Canvas program for anyone looking to learn how to go about finding their dream job or looking to make a career change. The lessons, tips and advice you'll get from Kelly are priceless.

Jen R.