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a safe place to explore what you want in your career. a coach who removes anxiety + uncertainty in the process. a partnership that is illuminating + empowering. all designed to create clarity + a competitive edge for the job you deserve.


I wanted to let you know I landed a new job at Honey and that your updated resume has really opened a lot of doors. Before the pandemic, I interviewed with Google, Microsoft, and a few other companies bypassing their portals and getting right in front of recruiters and hiring managers. Thank you again for everything.


Kelly was very helpful and professional in helping me improve my interview skills. She quickly understood my needs and what I wanted to communicate and was able to provide very appropriate recommendations in a timely manner. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a resume, LinkedIn, interview prep, or negotiation services.


She's an experienced negotiator, an expert strategist, and I consider her a trusted advisor. While she knows how to surface your best self and broaden your horizons, her tactful presentation of ideas is where she truly shines. Working with Kelly is a master class in professional communication. I can't overstate how highly I recommend Kelly.



job hunting + application tips during COVID-19

I joined my friend and creator Rich Rama on his Instagram Live. We talk Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and the power of a great Cover Letter. Also some tools and references for submitting applications during the pandemic. Hint: it's all about the vibe.


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